1. Annunciation Rectory, Vambe, Tsuwe-Daka
      2. Christ the King’s Rectory, Damkor.
      3. Church of the Presentation, Bam
      4. Church of the Resurrection, Ngbegha
      5. Church of the Transfiguration, Kyado
      6. Church of the Twelve Apostles, Pika
      7. Church of the Visitation, Gbinde/Wayaswande
      8. Divine Mercy Rectory, Norgba
      9. Divine Providence Rectory, Bebe
      10. Holy Family Rectory, Kusuv
      11. Holy Ghost Rectory, Tyulen.
      12. Holy Trinity Rectory, Zege
      13. Immaculate Conception Rectory, Kiishi
      14. Immaculate Heart Rectory, Agine
      15. Our Lady of Consolation Rectory, Ge-Mbayem
      16. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Rectory, Namakaa
      17. Our Lady of the Benue Rectory, Anyorikyo
      18. Queen of Apostles’ Rectory, Igboor
      19. Queen of the Holy Rosary Rectory, Iusa.
      20. Regina Caeli Rectory, Akile.
      21. Sacred Heart Rectory, Akumaga
      22. Star of the Sea Rectory, Gajir
      23. St. Anthony’s Rectory, Amua.
      24. St. Anthony’s Rectory, Chilemo.
      25. St. Augustine of Hippo Chaplaincy, Gboko College of Education
      26. St. Brendan’s Rectory, Ande
      27. St. Christopher’s Rectory, Ahundu
      28. St. Clement’s Rectory, Garba.
      29. St. Francis of Assisi Chaplaincy, Fidei Polytechnic.
      30. St. George’s Rectory, Tyobo.
      31. St. Joseph’s Rectory, Iyon.
      32. St. Joseph’s Rectory, New Road.
      33. St. Justine’s Rectory, Mhambe.
      34. St. Luke’s Rectory, Ikyoawen
      35. St. Mary’s Rectory, Anwase.
      36. St. Mary’s Rectory, Gungul.
      37. St. Mary’s Rectory, Uma.
      38. St. Michael’s Rectory, Agbile.
      39. St. Michael’s Rectory, Bua.
      40. St. Monica’s Rectory, Tomatar
      41. St. Peter’s Rectory, Uchagh.
      42. St. Pius’ Rectory, Lough.
      43. St. Rita’s Rectory, Aornan.
      44. St. Robert’s Rectory, Adamgbe.
      45. St. Robert’s Rectory, Gbem.
      46. St. Thomas' Rectory, Tur
      47. St. William’s Rectory, Ijormenger
      48. St. William’s Rectory, Ugyeh.
      49. The Good Shepherd Rectory, Inyon
      50. Triumph of the Cross Rectory, Luga